Training according to the requirements of HACCP – Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points.

Part 1: Review of the normative requirements – General Food Law Regulation, Regulation 5 for food hygiene (acc. to Bulgarian legislation)

Part 2: Prerequisite programs – Good production and hygiene practices

Part 3: Terms and definitions

Part 4: HACCP principles:

  • Principle 1: Identification (definition) of critical control points
  • Principle 2: Establishment of critical border(s)
  • Principle 3: Establishing a surveillance (monitoring) of CCP
  • Principle 4: Establishing corrective actions
  • Principle 5: Introduction of a check procedure (verification)
  • Principle 6: Documentation of HACCP system and records
  • Principle 7: Documentation of HACCP system and records

Part 5: Development and implementation of HACCP System

Part 6: Advantages of the development and implementation of HACCP system

Participants in the training could be representatives of companies from all the food chain “from field to plate” – manufacturers, processors, warehouses, merchants and transport companies for food.

Document for qualification from the training: Certificate for participation in training according to the requirements of HACCP – Hazard analysis and Critical Control Points.

For more information and applying:

Telephone: +359(0)885 512 993

E-mail: office@baltov.bg